There must be lights behind a layer of tears but I can’t focus and see them at this point!


I hear the voice.  I try to scream, I am with you, I am …

but I can’t say a word.  I FOLLOW.  the road is bumpy.  it’s harsh and unpleasant..  I fall down.  I get up.  I fall again.  I get up again, injured and in pain.  tears burning my cheeks. … pain piercing my heart…

SHE KEEPS GOING, strong and certain, making sure I follow her.. making sure I’m ok… and I wonder HOW DOES SHE DO THIS?  how does she put up with this  much cruelty and harshness?  I’m falling apart ….. I want to cry…

She turns around, there’s a deep sadness on her face, disappointment,  frustration…. but her voice is strong….

Smiles at me, focusing on me with those clear blue eyes: you ok????????



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